Send in your sneakers for a freestyle custom! (NO FOAMPOSITE'S!!)

Basic Freestyle Sneaker Custom Shoes (Send in YOUR Shoes)

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Let us use our imagination to make your boring shoes into a "priceless" piece of art! Send in your NEW OR GENTLY worn shoes (if you feel the need to ask whether or not your worn sneakers are appropriate for a freestyle, they're probably not). Freestyles are solely based upon artist discretion, and does not guarantee you will receive an existing style within our website.

1. Purchase the Freestyle option.

(Shipping address will be emailed, please allow 1-2 business days for email.)

2. Print out your receipt (write on the receipt what shoe and size you sent in) put the receipt in the box you ship to us with your shoes. Can put color way or idea on paper. More detailed work costs more and we have an option to purchase that. 

Please allow 4 weeks for turnaround from the moment it arrives at our location, thank you!