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AXL PorkPie by Kickasso

AXL PorkPie by Kickasso

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Crafted with a felt finish, the Porkpie Hat was uniquely designed with a round, telescope crown. This high-quality, statement hat features a luxurious felt finish appropriately worn for any occasion.
The Pork Pie hat offers a popular design that has roots that go all the way back to the English and American aristocracy of the 19th century. However, the style has since been adapted for modern times, with Jazz musicians appropriating the traditional Pork Pie hat for use in nightclubs and similar venues. More recently, the Pork Pie hat gained a whole new following among fans of the popular TV show, Breaking Bad, as it became the signature style of the lead character, Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston).

  • Crown: 3 1/2-3 3/4"
  • Brim: 2" welted
  • 100% Fur Felt 
  • Grosgrain band & trim

The size of the hat is based on the circumference of the head. In order to determine the proper hat size, you must measure your head.

Use the table below to determine your hat size based on your measurements.

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